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Neil Diamond Rocks

Neil Diamond is one of the most famous songwriter/performers of modern times. His performing career spans several decades beginning in 1966, and ending with his retirement in January 2018.

A brief history of my musical life

I started out in music at the age of 5 when my mother taught me to play the piano.  I played other instruments, including the clarinet, bassoon, trombone, and the guitar.  It was at church that I used my vocal abilities, singing first in the junior choir at age 10.  Then on to singing solos in church with my mother as the piano accompanist, then later in the adult choir. 

From Gospel to Pop

In my early 20s, I sang baritone in a Gospel quartet at a large church in Florida.  Weekly performances in front of 2000+ people helped me develope a stage presents in front of large audiences. Later on I took an interest in pop music; singing the songs of the major male performers.  I wound up specializing in Neil Diamond music and now perform tributes to him semi-professionally.


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